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Cloud Computing with AWS

This course is designed to help you pass AWS Solution Architect Associate certification exam. Though this is a certification focused course but it will heavily focus on practical work and hands on learning. Besides that you will gain valuable knowledge about exam preparation.

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Created by Saiful Islam Last updated Wed, 28-Jul-2021 Bengali
What will i learn?
  • Get an AWS account to practice in the course Duration
  • Learn Amazon EC2 web service, Elastic IP, Load balancer
  • Learn about Route 53
  • Learn how to use AWS compute, storage, database, and security services
  • Learn how to create bucket setup web hosting in s3
  • Understand AWS management tools, including Auto Scaling, Amazon CloudWatch, Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) and AWS Chatbot
  • Learn about the security measures AWS provides and AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Curriculum for this course
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  • Basic knowledge of Programming
  • Basic knowledge of Linux or Ubuntu Server
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Why we learn AWS 

Inception of AWS 

AWS High level overview 

Infrastructure and design of AWS region and AZ 

Create AWS account



Why IAM 

User creation 

Creating groups, role and 


Attribute based access control How IAM protect AWS account


Introduction to compute 

platform by EC2 

Provisioning an EC2 

AMI and Security Group of EC2 EC2 Storage 

Volume and Snapshot 


Assign IAM role to EC2 

Common problem we face and troubleshooting 


What is S3 

Bucket creation 

Securing our S3 bucket 

Use S3 as like our file server Serving static content from S3 Encryption 

Lifecycle policies 

Storage classes 

Pricing model 


What is VPC 

Why VPC 

Create an VPC 

What is NAT 

Access control list 

Bastion Host 

VPC security 

Direct connect 

VPC peering 

Quiz and challenge by solving VPC issues 

Highly Available System

Fault tolerance 

How to overcome it 

How does load balancer help Auto scaling 

Availability zone and subnets



Launching an RDS instance Subnet and Multiple AZ 

Backup and snapshot 


Partition and sort key 

Serverless Aurora 

Aurora scalability

Route 53

DNS and DNS resolving 

Various kind of Routing polices Heath Check 

Some common problems and their troubleshooting


What is application integrations Fan out and its benefit 

SNS and its subscriptions 

SQS and its use cases 




Introducing AWS lambda 

API gateway 

Dynamodb CRUD application

Cloudwatch and Cloud trail

Why cloud watch 

Monitoring EC2 status 


Monitoring user and API calls by cloud trail 

Setup a trail

Further Steps 

Welcome to public cloud 

AWS certification roadmap

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Saiful has 5+ years of industry experience in software development for in-house and offshore product managers and clients. Delivering scalable, secure software within time limits and ensuring business value to any individual regardless of business size is the admirable attribute of Saiful.
Saiful is experienced and interested in the below stacks.
# Cloud Solution (OpenStack, AWS, and Azure)
# Microservices and Service-oriented architecture (Django REST, Flask, and AWS Lambda)
# DevOps (Ansible, Cloudformation, and AWS code pipeline)
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