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Competitive Programming for Informatics Olympiad

In this course, we will teach young programmers to develop their problem-solving skills. During this course, you’ll learn everything need to know to participate in competitions, what are their rules and how to manage time. This course is specially designed to compete for Informatics Olympiad from scratch.

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Created by Tariq Sajal Last updated Sat, 05-Jun-2021 Bengali
What will i learn?
  • Full preparation of Informatics Olympiad
  • Contest based problem solving ability
  • Learn everything needed to participate in real competitions
  • Able to write efficient, reliable, and compact code as well as manage your time
  • Able to apply algorithmic ideas to problems

Curriculum for this course
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  • Basic Knowledge of C
  • Basic Knowledge of C++
  • Essential Programming terms
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Intro to CP and Data Structures and C++ STL
i) Intro to CP
ii) Time and Memory complexity analysis
iii) Intro to Basic Data Structure (Stack/Queue/Vector etc)
iv) Basic C++ STL and its application


Binary Operators
i) Binary Number System
ii) Bitwise Operators and their application
iii) Problem-solving
Function and Recursion
i) Intro to function and Recursion
ii) Problem-solving
Greedy Technique and
Sorting algorithms

i) Intro to greedy technique
ii) Insertion sort, counting sort, merge sort
iii) Problem-solving
Searching Technique
i) Binary search and its application
ii) Problem-solving
Dynamic Programming
i) Intro to DP
ii) Knapsack and coin change
iii) Longest Increasing Subsequence (O(n^2))
iv) Problem-solving
Number Theory and
Modular Arithmetic

i) Modular arithmetic
ii) Modular exponentiation and inverse mod
iii) Factorization and problem-solving
iv) Sieve
v) Prime factorization and problem solving
i) Inverse factorial
ii) Problem-solving
Graph Theory
i) Intro to Graph Theory
iii) Connected Component
iv) Shortest Path
v) Problem Solving


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