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Dart & Flutter complete Guide

Flutter is an open-source software development kit. Its knowledge gives a complete idea for creating Cross-Platform(Android & IOS) applications. There are various uses of Flutter at present to develop fully functional applications. This course will help you to acquire extraordinary skills and education fully. Through this course, you will get acquainted with each step of Flatter and Dart, which will build you up as an advanced developer. The whole idea of ​​Google's other features till building mobile apps will be at your fingertips.

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Created by Rajoan Rahman Last updated Fri, 02-Jul-2021 Bengali
What will i learn?
  • Learn Flutter and Dart from the ground up, step-by-step
  • Use features like Google Maps, the device camera, authentication and much more!
  • Learn all the basics without stopping after them: Dive deeply into Flutter & Dart and become an advanced developer
  • send manual and automated push notifications
  • Build engaging native mobile apps for both Android and iOS

Curriculum for this course
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  • Basic programming language
  • Essential Programming terms
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  Week 1
 Day 1
 -Introduction to Dart and Flutter
 -Why we should Learn flutter in 2021
 Day 2
 -Dart data types, variable, operator
 -Dart decision making
 Day 3
 -Dart Loops
 -Dart Boolean
 Day 4
 -Dart List
 -Dart Map
 Day 5
 -Dart Enum
 -Dart Function
 -Dart Lamda Function
 Week 2
 Day 6
 -Dart Class
 -Dart Object
 Day 7 -Dart Collections
 Day 8 -Dart Null Safety
 Week 3


 Day 9
 -Installation of Flutter
 -Create first application in Android Studio
 -Architecture of an application
 Day 10
 -Introductions of Widget
 -Material App & Scaffold Widget
 -App Bar Widget
 -Stateless & Stateful Widget
 Day 11(Live   Session)
 -Text Widget, Text Style Widget
 -Container Widget
 Week 4
 Day 12 -Row, Column & List View, Expanded Widget
 Day 13  Project 1 Demo and Assignment to Students
 Day 14
 -Image Widget
 Week 5
 Day 15 (Live   Session)
 -Navigation Routing
 -Named Routing
 -Pass Data from One Screen to another Screen'
 Day 16
 -Text Form Field
 Day 17
 -Card Widget
 -Drawer Widget
 Week 6
 Day 18(Live   Session) Project 2 and Assignments to Student
 Day 19 Tab Bar
 Day 20 Bottom Tab Bar
 Week 7
 Day 21
 -Alert Dialog
 -Snack Bar
 -List Tile
 Day 22(Live   Session) Project 3 and Assignments to Student
 Day 23
 -List View Builder
 -List View Builder with Custom Data
 Week 8
 Day 24
 -Grid View Builder
 -Grid View Builder with Custom Data
 Day 25(Live   Session) Project 4 and Assignments to Student
 Day 26
 -Radio Button
 -Progress Bar
 Week 9
 Day 27
 -Shared Preference
 -Fetch data through Shared Preference
 -Shared Preference remove/clear
 Dart 28
 -Making Custom Widget
 -Making Reusable Widget
 Day 29(Live   Session) Project 5 and Assignments to Student
 Week 10
 Day 30 -Understanding Theme in Flutter
 Day 31 -how to use a third-party library in Flutter
 Day 32
 -Introductions Http & Json
 -Async, Await, Future function
 -how to use "POSTMAN"
 Day 33(Live   Session)
 -Project set Up using HTTP package
 -Setup Network Class
 -Fetching JSON data
 Week 11
 Day 34
 -Create POJO class based on JSON data
 -Show JSON Data Using FutureBuilder
 -Assignment to Students
 Day 35
 -Introduction Google Map in Flutter
 -Fetch current location, Address, Area, etc
 Day 36(Live   Session)
 -Set up Google MAP API in Project
 - Implement Google MAP in Project(1)
 Week 12
 Day 37 - Implement Google MAP in Project(2)
 Day 38
 -Firebase/Firestore Database in Flutter
 -Set up Firestore/Firebase in Project
 Day 39(Live   Session) -Insert data,delete data,update data
 Week 13
 Day 40 -Firebase email authentication
 Day 41 -Firebase phone authentication
 Day 42(Live   Session)
 -Firebase Gmail authentication
TO-DO app project Using Firestore Firebase
 Week 15
 Day 43
 -"TO DO APP" project set up
 -Set up the project structure
 -Set up a library that we will use
 Day 44 -Creating the UI/UX for the project
 Day 45(Live   Session) -Enable email/phone authentication function
 Week 16
 Day 46
 -Check user exist or not in-app
 -Add to-do data in firestore database
 Day 47 -fetch added Data from Firestore Database and   show it in LIstView
 Day 48(Live   Session)
 -Update Data, Delete Data in list view
 -Assignment to Students
 Week 17
 Day 49 -Push notification and Implementation
 Day 50 -Flutter local notification
 Day 51 -Flutter Tips and Tricks
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